17th July

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1996 Air Crash kills 230 TWA flight 800 explodes shortly after leaving New York's John F Kennedy airport bound for Paris, all 230 on board were killed.
1987 Poindexter and North testify Colonel Oliver North and Rear Admiral John Poindexter testify in congress hearings on the Iran-Contra scandal.
1976 Queen Elizabeth II opens Olympics Queen Elizabeth II opens the Olympic games in Montreal, Canada.
1975 Apollo docks with Soyuz Thomas Safford and Aleksei Leonov shake hands and exchanged gifts following the docking of the US Apollo and USSR Soyuz spacecraft.
1974 Bomb blast in Tower of London A bomb explodes in the Mortar room of the Tower of London killing one and injuring 41.
1964 Donald Campbell sets a new landspeed record Donald Campbell sets a new landspeed world record of 429 mph in his car, Bluebird.
1945 Allied leaders meet at Potsdam Harry Truman, Winston Churchill and Josef Stalin meet in Potsdam to discuss the futre following the defeat of Germany
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On This Day - 17th July