21st July

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1994 Tony Blair elected leader of the Labour Party Tony Blair is elected leader of the Labour Party, replacing John Smith who died of a heart attack.
1984 James Fixx dies of a heart attack James Fixx the advocate of jogging dies of a heart attack while running. Many argue that his running extended his life considerably.
1970 Aswan Dam completed Following 10 years of construction the Aswan Dam is completed in Egypt, the dam is designed to make Egypt self sufficient for power.
1962 Rolling Stones perform for the first time The Rolling Stones make their first public appearance, at the Marquee Club in London.
1961 Ernest Hemingway is born Ernest Hemingway is born in Oak Park, Illinois.
1798 French army defeat the Egyptians Napoleon Bonaparte leads the French army to victory over the Egyptians at the Battle of the Pyramids.
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On This Day - 21st July