12th August

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2000 Memorial service held for Sarah Payne A memorial service is held at Guildford cathedral in memory of murdered schoolgirl Sarah Payne.
1985 Japan Airlines jumbo crashes A Japan Airlines jumbo jet crashes into a remote mountainside near Tokyo, killing all 509 passengers and 15 crew.
1982 Henry Fonda dies American actor Henry Fonda dies in Los Angeles, California.
1966 John Lennon makes public apology John Lennon publicly apologises for his comment about the Beatles being more popular that Jesus.
1964 Ian Fleming dies British writer Ian Fleming dies.
1964 Great Train Robbery Great Train robber Charles Wilson is freed from jail by a gang of three men who broke into the maximum security Winson Green prison.
1944 Fuel pipeline goes into operation The fuel pipeline (PLUTO) running under the British Channel from Britain to France goes into operation delivering fuel to support the allied advance.
1908 New Ford Car released The Model A Ford is replaced by the Model T Ford (the Tin Lizzie).
1887 Thomas Edison makes first sound recording Thomas Edison makes the first sound recording; the sounds are store on a foil wrapped cylinder on his "Edisonphone"
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On This Day - 12th August