14th August

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1980 Ship workers strike in Gdansk Workers in the Lenin Shipyard in Gdansk go on strike over the dismissal of a trade union activist.
1979 Freak storm hits Fastnet race A freak storm hits the Fastnet yacht race, damaging many boats and killing at least 3 people.
1969 The Troubles - British troops sent to Northern Ireland British troops are sent to Northern Ireland to assist in quelling the sectarian violence.
1945 Japan surrenders President Harry Truman announces that Japan has surrendered thereby ending World War 2.
1917 Britain declares war on Germany China declares war on Germany and Austria.
1900 Boxer Rebellion - Allied troops enter Peking Ten thousand allied troops entered Peking to end the 56 day siege of Europeans in the capital by Boxer rebels.
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On This Day - 14th August