16th August

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2004 Flash Floods devastate Boscastle, Cornwall The average August rainfall falls in two hours causing flash floods which devastate the village of Boscastle.
2003 Idi Amin dies Deposed Ugandan leader Idi Amin dies in exile in Jiddah, Saudi Arabia.
1987 Air Crash - 156 die A Northwest Airlines flight crashes while taking off from Detroit airport killing 156 people, the only survivor is a 4 year old girl.
1977 Elvis Presley dies Elvis Presley dies in Memphis at the age of 42
1962 Beatles - drummer fired The original Beatles drummer Peter Best is fired by Beatles manager Brian Epstein and is replaced by Ringo Starr.
1960 Cyprus gains independence Cyprus is granted independence, with Archbishop Makarios as the first president.
1952 Floods devastate Lynmouth, Devon Floods sweep through Lynmouth in north Devon, leaving 12 dead and 24 missing presumed dead.
1913 Menachem Begin is born Menachem Begin is born in Brest-Litovsk (in present day this is in Belarus).
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On This Day - 16th August