18th August

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1989 Manchester United sold for £20 Million Michael Knighton buys Manchester United for £20 million.
1984 Clive Ponting is charged under Official Secrets act Civil servant Clive Ponting is charged under the Official Secrets act for leaking information about the sinking of the Argentinian warship Belgrano during the Falklands War.
1977 Elvis Presley memorial service 130,000 mourners pay their respects to Elvis Presley before his burial in Memphis.
1964 South Africa banned from Olympics South Africa is banned from the 18th Olympics in Tokyo because it refuses to condemn apartheid.
1939 Wizard of Oz The film The Wizard of Oz starring Judy Garland is premiered in New York.
1934 Adolf Hitler is given sole power A plebiscite in Germany gives Adolf Hitler sole power as Fuehrer.
1812 French army defeated at Smolensk The French army, commanded by Napoleon Bonaparte, is defeated by the Russians at the battle of Smolensk
1227 Genghis Khan dies Mongolian leader Genghis Khan dies during a campaign in China.
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On This Day - 18th August