6th August

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1987 David Owen resigns David Owen resigns from the Social Democrats when it votes to merge with the Liberal Party.
1978 Popes Pope Paul VI dies at Castel Gandolfo aged 80.
1965 Beatles release the album Help The Beatles release the album "Help".
1962 Jamaica declares independence Jamaica declares its independence after being a British colony for 300 years.
1945 Atomic Bomb dropped on Hiroshima The United States drops an atomic bomb on the Japanese city of Hiroshima killing 140,000 people
1928 Andy Warhol is born Andy Warhol is born.
1890 First Electric Chair execution in the US The first Electric Chair execution in the United States is carried out in New York. Walter Kemmler was executed for murder.
1881 Alexander Fleming is born Sir Alexander Fleming - the man who discovered penicillin is born
1825 Bolivia declares independence Bolivia declares its independence from Peru.
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On This Day - 6th August