10th September

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2002 Switzerland admitted to the United Nations Switzerland becomes the 190th member of the United Nations.
1988 Steffi Graf wins the Grand Slam Steffi Graf beats Gabriella Sabatini in the final of the US Open to complete the tennis Grand Slam, winning all four major tournaments in the same calendar year.
1981 Pablo Picasso's 'Guernica' returns to Spain The anti-war mural 'Guernica' painted by Pablo Picasso is returned to the city of Guernica, the city whose suffering during the Spanish Civil War inspired the painting.
1973 Two bombs explode in London Two bombs explode in rail stations in London injuring 13 people.
1943 German troops occupy Rome German troops occupy Rome and take over protection of the Vatican City.
1939 Canada declares war on Germany Canada declares war on Germany in World War 2.
1933 Fred Perry wins the Grand Slam English tennis player Fred Perry wins the US Open becoming the first Briton to win the title since 1903.
1901 Anarchist Emma Goldman arrested Anarchist Emma Goldman is arrested for her part in the plot to kill President William McKinley
1846 Elias Howe patents the sewing machine Elias Howe receives a patent for the sewing machine.
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On This Day - 10th September