13th September

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1999 Explosion destroys apartment block An explosion destroys an eight storey appartment building in Moscow, killing 118 people.
1997 Mother Teresa funeral takes place Funeral services for Mother Teresa are held in Calcutta, India.
1993 Middle east peace agreement Bill Clinton looks on as Yitzhak Rabin and Yasir Arafat shake hands to underline the historic agreement signed earlier giving the Palestinians limited autonomy in the Gaza Strip and the West Bank
1943 Chiang Kai-shek becomes president Chiang Kai-shek becomes president of China
1940 Buckingham Palace hit by bomb During the London Blitz of World War 2, Buckingham Palace is hit by a bomb.
1916 Roald Dahl is born Roald Dahl is born in Llandaff, Wales.
1759 General James Wolfe defeats the French British troops led by General James Wolfe defeat the French in the Battle of Quebec to secure Canada for the British Empire.
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On This Day - 13th September