16th September

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2004 Hurricane Ivan hits Gulf Coast Hurricane Ivan hits the Gulf Coast with winds of 130 mph and a major storm surge. Ivan leaves 43 dead in the United States.
1992 Black Wednesday The British government suspends its membership of the Exchange Rate Mechanism in what becomes know as "Black Wednesday".
1988 Hurricane Gilbert hits Mexico for a second time Hurricane Gilbert, the worst storm this century, hits Mexico for a second time in three days
1986 Mine fire kills 177 At least 177 people die in a fire which sweeps through the Kinross Gold Mine in South Africa.
1978 Earthquake kills 11,000 in Iran An earthquake measuring 7.7 on the Richter scale hits the south east of Iran, leaving 11,000 dead.
1975 Papua New Guinea gains independence Papua New Guinea gains independence from Australia.
1920 Bomb explodes in Wall Street A bomb explodes in Wall Street, New York killing 30 people and injuring a further 200.
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On This Day - 16th September