21st September

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1999 Earthquake - Taiwan At least 2,400 people are killed when a powerful earthquake hits Taiwan.
1981 Belize gains independence Belize gains independence from Britain
1979 Fighter jet crashes into house killing 3 During a training mission, while trying to avoid another jet fighter a Harrier jump jet crashes into a Cambridgeshire house killing two men and a young boy.
1964 Malta gains independence Malta gains independence from Britain
1955 Britain annexes Rockall The United Kingdom annexes the rocky islet of Rockall, 300 miles (483km) west of Scotland, to stop the Soviets spying on missile tests.
1949 People's Republic of Chine comes into being China's communist leaders proclaim the "People's Republic of China"
1938 Hurricane hits New England A hurricane hits Long Island and southern New England killing 600 and devastating coastal cities and towns.
1937 JRR Tolkien publishes "The Hobbit" JRR Tolkien publishes "The Hobbit"
1792 French monarchy abolished The legislative assembly in France votes to abolish the monarchy.
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On This Day - 21st September