28th September

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2002 Edwina Currie admits an affair with John Major Edwina Currie reveals that she had an affair with former Prime Minister John Major.
2000 Pierre Trudeau dies Former Canadian Prime Minister, Pierre Trudeau, dies aged 80.
1995 Palestine West Bank Agreement Israeli prime minister Yitzhak Rabin and PLO leader Yasir Arafat sign an agreement that will give the Palestinians some degree of self-determination over the West Bank of the river Jordan
1994 Ferry sinks with the loss of 912 lives The ferry 'Estonia' sinks with the loss of 912 lives.
1989 Ferdinand Marcos dies Ferdinand Marcos dies in Honolulu of kidney, heart and lung ailments.
1985 Riot in Brixton following police shooting Riot brake out in Brixton following a woman being shot and seriously injured by police during a house search.
1978 Pope John Paul I dies Pope John Paul I dies from a heart attack, resulting in the shortest papacy, 33 days.
1953 Edwin Hubble dies Edwin Hubble, American mathematician and astronomer, dies.
1939 Germany and Soviet Union partition Poland Germany and the Soviet Union agree a plan to partition Poland.
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On This Day - 28th September