3rd September

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1998 Air Crash - Swissair plane crashes in Atlantic A Swissair plane en route from New York to Geneva crashes in the Atlantic off Nova Scotia, all 229 on board are killed.
1939 Britain declares war on Germany Britain, France, New Zealand and Australia declare war on Germany after Adolf Hitler refuses to withdraw his troops from Poland.
1935 Malcolm Campbell sets a new landspeed record Malcolm Campbell breaks the world land speed record in his car Bluebird on Bonneville Salt Flats in Utah with a speed of 301.13 miles per hour.
1930 Hurricane - 5,000 killed A hurricane hits Santo Domingo, capital of Dominican republic, leaving 5,000 dead.
1900 Russia moves to Annex Manchuria General Gribsky, military governor of the Russian Amur district announced regulations putting occupied areas of Manchuria under Russian laws and authority
1658 Oliver Cromwell dies Oliver Cromwell, Lord Protector of England dies.
1651 Royalists defeated at Battle of Worcester Royalist troops supporting Charles II are defeated at the Battle of Worcester by the Parliamentarian army commanded by Oliver Cromwell.
1189 King Richard I crowned King Richard I is crowned in Westminster following the death of King Henry II.
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On This Day - 3rd September