5th September

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1997 Mother Teresa dies Mother Teresa dies at the age of 87 following a series of heart problems.
1995 France tests nuclear bomb France tests a nuclear bomb on Mururoa Atoll in French Polynesia.
1986 Hijacked plane stormed Pakistani troops storm a hijacked Pan Am 747 at Karachi airport resulting in 22 deaths including some of the hostages.
1980 Longest road tunnel opened The St Gotthard Tunnel is opened in Switzerland, it is 10 miles long and took 11 years to create.
1975 Hilton bomb kills 2 A bomb explodes at the London Hilton hotel killing 2 and injuring 63
1963 Christine Keeler arrested Christine Keeler is arrested and charged with perjury.
1939 US declares its neutrality The United States declares itself neutral in World War 2.
1914 First Battle of the Marne begins The first Battle of the Marne begins during World War 1.
1800 France surrenders Malta to Britain Following a blockade by the British fleet commanded by Admiral Horatio Nelson, France surrenders Malta to Britain.
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On This Day - 5th September