7th September

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1973 Jackie Stewart becomes world champion again Jackie Stewart becomes motor racing World Champion for a third time.
1943 Italy surrenders Italy surrenders to the Allies during World War 2.
1940 London Blitz starts Germany begins its mass bombing (Blitz) on London
1936 Buddy Holly is born Buddy Holly is born as Charles Hardin Holley in Lubbock, Texas
1901 Boxer Rebellion officially ends The Boxer uprising officially ended on this day when China signed the peace protocol drawn up by a dozen foreign powers
1838 Grace Darling rescues shipwrecked crew Grace Darling, the daughter of the lighthouse keeper, rescues the crew of the 'Forfarshire' which is shipwrecked off Northumberland.
1822 Brazil declares independence Brazil declares its independence from Portugal.
1533 English Royalty Queen Elizabeth I is born in Greenwich.
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On This Day - 7th September