10th March

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1988 Andy Gibb dies Bee Gees Andy Gibb dies aged 30 of heart inflamation.
1985 Konstantin Chernenko dies Konstantin Chernenko dies at the age of 73 after being Soviet leader for just 13 months.
1973 British governor assassinated The British governor Sir Richard Sharples and his aide-de-camp Captain Hugh Sayers are assassinated in the gardens of Government House, Bermuda
1969 James Earl Ray gets life imprisonment for killing Martin Luther King James Earl Ray is jailed for 99 years by a court in Memphis, Tennessee, after admitting the murder of the American civil rights leader Martin Luther King.
1956 Strike - Cyprus strikes after deportation Greek Cypriots demonstrate and strike after Britain arrests and deports Archbishop Makarios
1928 James Earl Ray is born James Earl Ray is born
1917 Earthquake hits Long Beach, California An earthquake of magnitude 6.3 on the Richter scale hits Long Beach, California, killing an estimated 140 people
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On This Day - 10th March