13th January

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2004 Harold Shipman found hanged in his cell Harold Shipman is found hanging by a bed sheet strung around the bars of his cell at Wakefield Prison at 06:20 GMT.
2001 Earthquake - 1000 feared dead in San Salvador More than 1,000 people are feared dead after an earthquake strikes the Central American city of San Salvador.
1993 Gulf War - Allies bomb Iraq British, American and French fighter bombers have carried out bombing raids over southern Iraq
1985 Rail Crash kills 390, injures 370 In the third worst rail disaster ever, 390 were killed and 370 injured when an Ethiopian train to Addis Ababa falls into a ravine
1982 Air Crash kills 78 in Washington A plane crashes during take-off at Washington's National Airport killing 78
1908 First heavier than air flight Henri Farman collected the price for the first heavier than air aircraft to cover a circuit of at least one kilometer
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On This Day - 13th January