13th November

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1995 An ecstacy tablet puts girl in coma Leah Betts goes into a coma after taking an ecstacy tablet at a party.
1991 Police indict two Libyans over Lockerbie After 3 years of investigations Dumfries and Galloway police indict two Libyans, Ali Mohmed Al Megrahi and Lamin Khalifah Fhimah, for the bombing of Pan Am flight 103.
1985 Volcano erupts in Colombia The volcano Nevado del Ruiz, 130 km west of Bogota, Colombia, erupts causing a mud slide which buries two towns and kills 20,000
1970 Cyclone devastates Pakistan A cyclone and tidal wave devastate the coast of Pakistan, an estimated 200,000 die.
1969 Quintuplets born Irene Hanson gives birth to quintuplets at Queen Charlotte's maternity hospital in London.
1954 England takes first rugby world cup England beats France to win the first ever Rugby World Cup final in Paris.
1940 Fantasia released in US cinemas Walt Disney's Fantasia opens in cinemas across the United States.
1850 Robert Louis Stevenson is born Author Robert Louis Stevenson is born in Edinburgh.
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On This Day - 13th November