13th December

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2001 Suicide attack on India's parliament At least 12 are killed and 22 injured when a group of armed gunmen force their way into an area next to the Indian parliament. One suicide bomber blew himself up.
1995 Riots break out in Brixton Hundreds of black and white youths riot on the streets of Brixton in south London attacking police and destroying shops and vehicles following the death of a black man while in police custody.
1984 Toxic Gas leak death toll rises to 2,100 The death toll resulting from the Union Carbide Bhopal leak has risen to 2,100. Tens of thousands of local residents have left the area.
1972 Thalidomide victims offered £11.8 million 300 British victims of the Thalidomide drug are offered compensation worth £11.8 million.
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On This Day - 13th December