14th January

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2013 George W Bush released from hospital George W Bush released from hospital after two months, he was being treated for a bronchial infection.
2011 Floods kill 500 Floods kill 500 people and trap many more in Rio De Janeiro.
2008 New Apple MacBook Apple's Steve Jobs announces the New MacBook Air notebook during a conference in San Francisco.
2002 Foot and Mouth outbreak ends Department for the Environment, Food and Rural Affairs (Defra) announces that the UK Foot and Mouth outbreak is now clear after no new cases in the last 3 months.
1994 English Royalty The Duchess of Kent becomes the first member of the Royal Family to convert to Catholicism for more than 300 years.
1983 Man shot by police hunting David Martin Stephen Waldorf is mistakenly shot by Police hunting for David Martin.
1977 Anthony Eden dies Anthony Eden dies.
1975 Heiress Lesley Whittle kidnapped 17-year-old heiress, Lesley Whittle, is kidnapped from her home in Shropshire.
1969 Matt Busby retires Sir Matt Busby announces his retirement as Manchester United manager
1962 Common Agriculture Policy In Brussels the EC nations reach agreement on a Common Agricultural Policy
1954 Mariyn Monroe Marries Mariyn Monroe and Joe DeMaggio marry. Their marraige only lasts nine months but Joe DeMaggio puts flowers on her grave each day until he dies.
1941 Faye Dunaway is born American actress Faye Dunaway is born.
1934 Loch Ness Monster sighting The Loch Ness Monster, described as a sea serpent estimated at over 50 ft long is sighted in Loch Ness, Scotland
1907 Earthquake hits Jamaica Jamaica is hit by a major Earthquake leaving more than 800 people dead and nearly 100,000 homeless in the capital Kingston.
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On This Day - 14th January