14th November

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1989 Pan Am flight 103 The United States accuse two Libyan intelligence officers of planting the bomb on Pan Am flight 103 and demand that they be handed over for trial.
1988 Benazir Bhutto elected to parliament Benazir Bhutto is elected to parliament; as leader of the largest party, she may be asked to form the next government.
1977 Firefighters strike Firefighters strike in the United Kingdom in support of a 30% pay claim, troops are brought in to provide emergency cover.
1973 Princess Anne marries Princess Anne and lieutenant Mark Phillips are married in Westminster Abbey.
1973 8 members of the Provisional IRA convicted Eight members of the Provisional IRA are convicted of planting bombs in London in March 1973.
1969 Apollo 12 Apollo 12 is launched with a crew of Pete Conrad, Richard Gordon and Alan Bean. Apollo 12 made the second lunar landing.
1953 King Hussein is formally crowned King Hussein is formally crowned as King on his 18th birthday.
1948 Prince Charles is born Prince Charles is born at Buckingham Palace in London.
1935 King Hussein is born King Hussein is born.
1900 Differences in blood types discovered Three different blood group types have been discovered by Austrian scientist Dr Karl Landsteiner. This is believed to explain why different people react differently to blood donations
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On This Day - 14th November