14th September

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1989 Linda McCartney publishes her vegetarian cook book Linda McCartney publishes her own guide to vegetarian Cookery - "Linda McCartney's Home Cooking". The book went on to become the biggest-selling vegetarian cookbook ever in the UK.
1982 Grace Kelly dies Princess Grace of Monaco (formerly Grace Kelly) dies at the age of 52 from injuries received in a car crash. Her daughter Princess Stephanie also dies.
1948 United Nations headquarters construction starts Ground is broken in New York City as the construction of the United Nations headquarters commences.
1939 First successful helicopter test The first successful flight of a helicopter takes place, it was designed by US engineer Igor Sikorsky.
1917 Alexander Kerensky declares Russia a republic Alexander Kerensky declares Russia to be a republic.
1901 US Presidents President William McKinley dies following being shot in Buffalo on 6th September. Vice President Theodore Roosevelt is sworn in as President of the United States
1812 French army enters Moscow The French army, commanded by Napoleon Bonaparte, enter Moscow which has been abandonned and set on fire by retreating Russians.
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On This Day - 14th September