15th January

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1997 English Royalty Princess Diana angers government ministers after calling for an ban on the use of landmines.
1991 Soviet troops occupy Riga Soviet troops occupy part of the Latvian capital Riga
1988 Protests outside Dome of the Rock Arabs protesting at the Dome of Rock in east Jerusalem over recent protester deaths, come into conflict with Israeli police.
1973 Vietnam War cease fire President Richard Nixon orders a ceasefire in Vietnam
1971 Aswan High Dam opens The Aswan High Dam is opened by presidents Anwar Sadat and Nikolai Podgorny
1968 20 die in hurricane force winds 20 people die as hurricane force winds lash Scotland
1965 British politics Sir Winston Churchill is gravely ill after suffering a stroke
1909 Earthquake - Messina A massive earthquake in Messina, Italy kills around 200,000 with thousands more homeless
1906 Aristotle Onassis born Greek shipping tycoon Aristotle Onassis is born
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On This Day - 15th January