15th September

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1985 Golf - Ryder Cup The european team captained by Tony Jacklin wins the Ryder Cup, the first time for many years.
1983 Soviets condemned for shooting down airliner A unanimous vote in the United States senate condemned the shooting down of a Korean passenger plane by Soviet war planes over Sakhalin.
1978 Muhammad Ali wins third heavyweight title Muhammad Ali beats Leon Spinks to win his third world heavyweight title.
1974 Civil war breaks out in Lebanon Civil war between Muslims and Christians breaks out in Lebanon.
1950 Korean War - UN lands troops at Inchon The Korean War lands 50,000 troops behind enemy lines at Inchon to begin a major offensive against North Korean forces.
1940 RAF inflict heavy casualties on Luftwaffe RAF Fighter Command claims victory over the Luftwaffe after a day of major bombing raids on London ends in major losses for the Germans.
1938 Neville Chamberlain negotiates with Adolf Hitler Neville Chamberlain meets Adolf Hitler to negotiate a compromise over Germany's ambitions in europe.
1914 First tanks used in battle The first military tanks are used, in the Battle of the Somme.
1859 Isambard Brunel dies Isambard Brunel dies.
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On This Day - 15th September