16th January

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2003 NASA - Shuttle Columbia breaks up on re-entry NASA launches space shuttle Columbia on its final mission featuring more than 80 experiments from around the world.
2001 Congo's President shot by bodyguard The President of Congo, Laurent Kabila is shot and seriously wounded by one of his bodyguards. His death was confirmed two days later. The president's son Joseph Kabila took over.
1991 Operation Desert Storm starts Operation Desert Storm is launched to drive Iraq out of Kuwait
1981 Civil rights campaigner shot Bernadette McAliskey (formerly Bernadette Devlin) is shot by a gunman at her home in County Tyrone.
1979 Shah Mohammed Reza Pahlevi flees into Exile Shah Mohammed Reza Pahlevi flees Iran with his wife Empress Farah, following several months of violent protests against his rule
1970 Muammar Gaddafi Colonel Muammar Gaddafi assumes the role of prime minister four months after leading a successful coup against the monarchy.
1945 Adolf Hitler takes Eva Braun to Berlin bunker Following a number of defeats and allied forces approaching Berlin, Adolf Hitler with his companion, Eva Braun takes refuge in a bunker in Berlin.
1901 Camille Pisaro exhibits in Paris Camille Pisaro's works are exhibited at the Durand-Ruel gallery in Paris
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On This Day - 16th January