17th January

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1995 Earthquake hits Japanese city of Kobe killing 4000 An earthquake strikes the Japanese city of Kobe, the 20 second shock measured 7.2 on the RIchter scale. It is feared that more than 4000 are dead. Many supposedly "earthquake proof" buildings collapsed
1994 Earthquake hits Los Angeles An earthquake measuring 6.6 on the Richter scale hits Los Angeles at 4:31 am, killing 34 people.
1991 Gulf War - Desert Storm begins Operation Desert Storm begins as Gulf War Allies send hundreds of planes on bombing raids into Iraq.
1905 Tidal Wave kills 59 A rock fall into the Fjord at Bergen causes a 20 foot tidal wave wave killing 59.
1904 Anton Chekhov First performance of the Anton Chekhov play "The Cherry Orchard"
1902 Earthquake hits Mexico City An earthquake in Mexico City kills 300
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On This Day - 17th January