18th October

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1989 Erich Honecker steps down The communist leader of East Germany, Erich Honecker, is forced to step down due to health problems.
1977 Lufthansa jet passengers rescued West German commandos storm the hijacked Lufthansa plane while it is on the ground at Mogadishu freeing all 86 passengers and killing 3 of the 4 hijackers.
1976 Funeral of Mafia boss takes place The funeral of Carlo Gambino, the "boss of bosses" in the Mafia, takes place in New York.
1966 Elizabeth Arden dies Elizabeth Arden dies
1963 Alec Douglas-Home becomes Conservative leader Alec Douglas-Home becomes Prime Minister and leader of the Conservative Party.
1939 Lee Harvey Oswald born Lee Harvey Oswald assassin of President John F Kennedy is born
1931 Thomas Edison dies Inventor Thomas Edison dies aged 84 in West Orange, New Jersey.
1922 BBC founded The British Broadcasting Corporation (BBC) is founded
1867 Alaska bought from Russia United States buys Alaska from the USSR for $7.2 M
1860 Peking Summer Palace destroyed British troops occupying Peking loot and burn the summer palace of the Chinese emperors.
1503 Popes Pope Pius III dies
1417 Popes Pope Gregory XII dies
1405 Pope Pius II born Pope Pius II is born
707 Popes Pope John VII dies
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On This Day - 18th October