2nd May

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1997 Tony Blair becomes prime minister At the age of 44, Tony Blair becomes the Britain's youngest prime minister in 185 years.
1994 Nelson Mandela wins general elections. Nelson Mandela claims victory in the first democratic South African elections.
1992 Los Angeles calm after riots leave 58 dead Los Angeles is calm after two days of rioting which left 58 dead and many injured. The rioting broke out after four white policemen were acquitted of beating Rodney King.
1982 Argentinian cruiser "General Belgrano" sunk Argentina's largest battleship the "General Belgrano" is sunk by two torpedos fired from the British submarine HMS Conqueror
1892 Manfred Richthofen is born World War 1 flying ace Manfred Richthofen, also know as the Red Baron, is born.
1519 Leonardo da Vinci dies Artist Leonardo da Vinci dies.
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On This Day - 2nd May