2nd September

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1996 Frank Bruno outpoints Oliver McCall British boxer Frank Bruno outpoints Oliver McCall in the boxing heavyweight world championship fight at Wembley Stadium, London to become World Champion.
1984 Biker gang battle leaves 7 dead A gun battle between rival biker gangs in Sydney, leaves six bikers and a 14 year old girl passerby dead.
1983 Menachem Begin resigns Menachem Begin resigns as leader of the Israeli Herut party and is replaced by Kitzhak Shamir
1979 Yorkshire Ripper 12th victim The body of 20 year old student Barbara Leach is discovered in an alley way in Bradford, she is the 12th victim of the Yorkshire Ripper.
1945 Japan formally surrenders Japan formally surrenders to the Allies on board the USS Missouri.
1935 Hurricane hits Florida 423 people are killed when a hurricane hits Florida Keys.
1900 Hurricane hits Galveston 6,000 people are killed when a hurricane hits Galveston, Texas.
1666 The Great Fire of London The Great Fire of London breaks out in Pudding Lane
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On This Day - 2nd September