20th August

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1995 Rail Crash - 13 killed at Selby 350 are killed when two trains heading for Delhi collide at Firozobad.
1989 51 killed on Marchoness collision 51 party goers are killed when a dredger collides with the pleasure cruiser Marchoness on the Thames in London.
1968 Soviet Union invade Czechoslovakia In responese to the liberal reforms of Czechoslovakian prime minister Alexander Dubcek, 600,000 Soviet troops invade and occupy Prague.
1940 Winston Churchill pays tribute to the RAF Prime Minister Winston Churchill pays tribute to the Royal Air Force - "Never in the field of human conflict was so much owed by so many to so few."
1924 Eric Liddell refuses to race on Sunday Potential 100 meter gold medal winner at the Paris Olympics, Eric Liddell refuses to take part in the heats because they take place on a Sunday, which is contrary to his religous beliefs.
1914 Brussels occupied German forces occupy Brussels, Belgium.
1833 Benjamin Harrison is born 23rd president Benjamin Harrison is born in North Bend, Ohio.
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On This Day - 20th August