22nd September

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2001 John Simpson smuggled into Afghanistan The BBC's world affairs editor, John Simpson, becomes the only television reporter to broadcast from Taleban-held Afghanistan as the country prepares for a US attack.
1989 IRA bomb kills 11 An IRA bomb at an army barracks in Kent kills 11 people.
1989 Irving Berlin dies Composer Irving Berlin dies aged 101.
1980 Iraq-Iran War starts Long standing border disputes prompt Saddam Hussein to launch an invasion of Iran, beginning the Iraq-Iran War.
1975 IRA bombs rock Northern Ireland A series of IRA bombs explode across Northern Ireland effectively ending the ceasefire.
1975 Gerald Ford survives assassination attempt Gerald Ford survives an assassination attempt by Sara Jane Moore.
1949 Soviet Union tests atomic bomb The Soviet Union explodes its first atomic bomb.
1914 U Boat sinks three cruisers Three British cruisers, Aboukir, Hogue and Cressy are sunk by German submarine U-9 killing 1400 British sailors.
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On This Day - 22nd September