23rd July

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2005 Bomb kills 88 in Egypt A bomb explosion in Egyptian resort Sharm al-Sheikh kills 88.
1986 Royal wedding Prince Andrew and Sarah Ferguson marry in Westminster Abbey
1984 Nuclear Power not a cause of cancer The UK goverment issues a report which confirms that there is a cancer cluster near the Sellafield nuclear plant, but claims the plant is not the cause.
1974 Military goverment collapses Former Prime Minister Constantine Karamanlis is invited to form a goverment following the collapse of the military government in Greece.
1955 Donald Campbell takes the water speed record. Donald Campbell breaks the world water speed record in his boat Bluebird on Ullswater in the Lake District, with a speed of 202.32 miles per hour.
1952 Military coup in Egypt King Farouk is forced to abdicate following a military coup led by General Muhammad Naguib. General Muhammad Naguib was soon challenged and replaced by General Gamal Abdal Nasser who felt that reforms were progressing too slowly.
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On This Day - 23rd July