24th January

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2001 Peter Mandelson resigns for the second time Peter Mandelson resigns from the Cabinet over a passports-for-cash scandal.
1995 OJ Simpson trail starts The trial of OJ Simpson for the murder of his ex-wife and her friend, starts in Los Angeles
1981 Millions stay off work in support of 5 day week Millions of Poland's workers stayed at home in support of Solidarity's call for a five day working week
1980 Skating Robin Cousins wins the European Figure Skating championships in Stockholm
1966 Air Crash - Air India plane crashes into Mont Blanc 117 die as an Air India airliner crashes into Mont Blanc
1965 British politics Sir Winston Churchill has dies at the age of 90 with his wife Lady Clementine Churchill and family at his bedside.
1961 Marilyn Monroe divorces Hollywood screen star Marilyn Monroe divorces her husband, playwright Arthur Miller after five years of marraige.
1907 Weather - Arctic temperatures hit Europe Temperatures in Austria fall to -30 degrees farenheit
1906 Canada The steamer Valencia runs aground off Vancouver, British Columbia, drowning 120 people
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On This Day - 24th January