24th October

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2003 Concorde's last flight The legendary supersonic aircraft, Concorde, makes its last commercial passenger flight amid emotional scenes at Heathrow airport
2001 Two lorries crash in a Swiss tunnel killing 11 Two lorries crash head on in the Gotthard road tunnel in Switzerland, the resulting fire claimed 11 lives.
1986 UK cuts diplomatic relations with Syria Britain breaks diplomatic relations with Syria following revelations of Syria's complicity in the terrrorist plot to blow up an El Al airliner.
1983 Dennis Nilsen appears in court accused of six murders Civil servant Dennis Nilsen appears in court accused of six murders and two attempted murders. Human remains of several bodies have been found at both his current flat and at a house he had previously lived in.
1970 Salvador Allende confirmed as president The Chilean congress confirms Salvador Allende as president.
1945 United Nations formed The United Nations organisation is formed in a ceremony in Washington
1901 George Eastman sets up international company Kodak Kodak's founder George Eastman sets up an international company following the success of his one dollar Brownie camera
1901 First woman to go over Niagra falls Mrs Ann Edson Taylor went over the Niagra falls in a padded barrel and survived unharmed. She sought the noteriety
1900 National Union of Women Workers meets The UK National Union of Women Workers meets to discuss problems of health and intemperance.
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On This Day - 24th October