25th June

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1997 Mir damaged An unmanned cargo ship collides with the Russian space station Mir damaging the power supply and rupturing a pressurised laboratory.
1967 Beatles telecast The Beatles perform a new song, "All you need is love", during a live international telecast.
1959 Ingemar Johansson becomes world champion Swedish boxer Ingemar Johansson defeats Floyd Patterson to take the boxing world championship in New York.
1953 John Christie sentenced to death John Christie is sentenced to hang for murdering his wife and then concealing her body under the floorboards of their Notting Hill home in London.
1950 Korean War begins The Korean War begins when 100,000 North Korean troops cross the border into South Korea.
1945 United Nations formed The United Nations is officially formed
1900 Louis Mountbatten born British military commander and last Viceroy of India Lord Louis Mountbatten is born
1891 Arthur Conan Doyle is born The first episode of a novel by Arthur Conan Doyle featuring the fictional detective, Sherlock Holmes, is published in the Strand magazine in London.
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On This Day - 25th June