25th September

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2005 Fernando Alonso becomes the youngest world champion Fernando Alonso becomes the youngest Formula One World Champion.
1996 Taliban gains threaten Kabul Taliban fighters in Afghanistan reach the eastern suburbs of the capital Kabul.
1983 IRA prison break 134 IRA prisoners at the Maze prison escape.
1981 Sandra Day OConnor sworn in Sandra Day OConnor is sworn in as the first woman member of the Supreme court
1978 Air Crash kills 153 A passenger jet collides with a light aircraft over San Diego killing 153 people.
1977 15,000 attend Steven Biko funeral In South Africa 15,000 attend the funeral of anti-apartheid campaigner Steven Biko.
1972 Norway vote NO A national referendum in Norway on membership of the European Community (EC) votes not to join.
1957 Children escorted to school by troops Nine black children are escorted to Central High School in Little Rock, Arkansas by several hundred fully armed United States troops.
1950 UN recaptures Seoul United Nations forces recapture Soeul during the Korean War.
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On This Day - 25th September