26th June

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1974 Burton divorces Taylor British actor Richard Burton divorces his wife, American actress, Elizabeth Taylor.
1963 John F Kennedy visits West Berlin President John F Kennedy visits West Berlin and declares his support for the Berlin people.
1945 United Nations charter signed Delegates from 61 nations meet to sign the United Nations charter and begin a 63 day conference to define the structure and operation of the United Nations organisation.
1937 King Edward VIII marries Following his abdication, King Edward VIII, under his new title Duke of Windsor, marries Wallis Simpson in France.
1925 Charlie Chaplin premiers "The Gold Rush" Charlie Chaplin film "The Gold Rush" is premiered in Hollywood.
1906 French Grand Prix The first official motor racing grand prix, the French Grand Prix, takes place at Le Mans. It is won by Hungarian Ferenc Szisz driving a Renault at an average speed of 63 mph.
1901 Lusitania wrecked off Newfoundland The liner Lusitania is wrecked off Cape Ballard, Newfoundland; 350 passengers and crew are rescued
1898 Willi Messerschmitt is born German aircraft designer Willi Messerschmitt is born
1857 First Victoria Cross investiture Queen Victoria personally awards 62 Victoria Cross medals at a ceremony in London
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On This Day - 26th June