26th July

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1987 Heatwave kills 700 The government of Greece announces a state of emergency as the death toll in the Heatwave goes beyond 700.
1971 Apollo 15 Apollo 15 is launched with a crew of David Scott, James Irwin and Alfred Worden. They stayed on the moon for three days exploring the area with the Lunar Rover.
1963 Earthquake hits capital of Macedonia A massive earthquake hits the Macedonian capital, Skopje, thousands are feared dead and more than 100,000 lose their homes.
1952 Evita Peron dies Evita Peron dies in Buenos Aires at the age of 33.
1945 Helen Mirren is born Actress Helen Mirren is born in Chiswick, London.
1908 FBI established The Federal Bureau of Investigation (FBI) is founded in United States.
1856 George Bernard Shaw is born George Bernard Shaw is born in Dublin, Ireland.
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On This Day - 26th July