27th October

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1998 Gerhard Schroeder becomes Chancellor Gerhard Schroeder becomes Chancellor of Germany.
1982 RUC officers killed in bomb attach Three RUC officers are killed while investigating reports of a robbery in Lurghan when a Bomb explodes under their car.
1978 Four killed and four wounded in Birmingham Barry Williams kills four people and injures many more in two separate locations near Birmingham.
1968 Riots in Grovesnor Square 6,000 protesters against the Vietnam War clash with Police in Grovesnor Square outside the American Embasssy.
1954 Marilyn Monroe divorces Hollywood screen star Marilyn Monroe divorces her husband, baseball player Joe DiMaggio.
1936 Wallis Simpson is divorced Wallis Simpson is granted a divorce from her husband.
1914 Dylan Thomas is born Poet Dylan Thomas is born in Swansea, Wales.
1880 Theodore Roosevelt marries Theodore Roosevelt marries Alice Lee.
1858 Theodore Roosevelt is born Theodore Roosevelt is born in New York City
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On This Day - 27th October