29th April

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1992 Riots erupt in Los Angeles Riots erupt in Los Angeles after a jury acquits four poilce officers of almost all the charges in the beating of Rodney King;
1981 Peter Sutcliffe admits killings In a London court, Peter Sutcliffe admits responsiblity for the "Yorkshire Ripper" murders of 13 women.
1980 Alfred Hitchcock dies British film director Alfred Hitchcock dies at the age of 80 in Hollywood.
1958 Michelle Pfeiffer is born Amercian actress Michelle Pfeiffer is born in Santa Ana, California.
1945 Adolf Hitler marries Eva Braun Adolf Hitler marries his mistress Eva Braun in a bunker in Berlin.
1901 Emperor Hirohito is born Emperor Hirohito is born.
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On This Day - 29th April