3rd August

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2001 Bomb explodes in London A car bomb explodes in Ealing Broadway, London, seven people are injured. Dissident Irish Republicans are blamed for the explosion.
1990 Record high temperature in Britain A record high temperature of 37.1 degrees C is recorded in Leicestershire.
1988 Soviets release Matthias Rust Soviet authorities release German pilot Matthias Rust, he had been serving a 4 year sentence for flying his plane through the Soviet defenses to land next to the Kremilin in Moscow.
1958 Submarine goes under the north pole The nuclear powered USS Nautilus navigates under the north pole.
1916 Sir Roger Casement is executed for treason Irish Republican, Sir Roger Casement is executed for treason after he attempts to persuade Germany to support Irish independence.
1914 Germany declares war on France Germany declares war on France.
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On This Day - 3rd August