31st March

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1991 Iraqi forces recapture Kirkuk Iraqi forces recapture the city of Kirkuk in northern Iraq. British and American forces are refusing to intervene to protect fleeing Kurds
1979 Nuclear radiation leak is brought under control The radiation leak at Three Mile Island is brought under control three days after the initial problems.
1972 CND - march to Aldermaston More than 500 people attend a Campaign for Nuclear Disarmament(CND) rally in London ahead of a four-day demonstration against nuclear arms.
1966 British politics Labour's Harold Wilson is on course to win the general election with a majority of about 100 seats in the House of Commons.
1959 Dalai Lama leaves Tibet The spiritual leader of Tibet, the Dalai Lama, crosses the border into India after an epic 15-day journey on foot over the Himalayan mountains.
1953 English Royalty More than 1,500 attend the funeral of Queen Mary at St George's Chapel in Windsor.
1901 First Mercedes car A revolutionary high performance car has been made by Daimler for Emile Jellink, it was named after his daughter Mercedes.
1889 Eiffel Tower completed Alexandre Gustave Eiffel flies the tricolour from the top of the Eiffel Tower in Paris, France, to celebrate its completion
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On This Day - 31st March