31st August

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2004 Bomb outside Moscow subway kills 10 A woman wearing explosives blows herself up outside a Moscow subway station killing 10.
1997 Princess Diana killed in a car crash Princess Diana is killed in a car accident in a tunnel in Paris
1994 IRA announces a cease-fire The IRA announces a 'complete cessation of military operations'
1989 Princess Anne to separate Buckingham Palace announces that Princess Anne and Captain Mark Phillips are to separate.
1986 Henry Moore dies British sculptor Henry Moore dies at the age of 88
1968 Record for Gary Sobers While playing for Nottinghamshire cricketer Gary Sobers becomes the first person to score six "sixes" in a single over.
1962 Trinidad and Tobago gains independence Trinidad and Tobago becomes independent within the British Commonwealth.
1900 Coca Cola arrives in Britain Charles Chandler, eldest son of Coca Cola company founder Asa Chandler, arrives in Britain with a jug of Cola syrup, which proves so popular that more was ordered immediately
1888 Jack the Ripper's first victim Prostitue Mary Ann Nichols is found murdered in Buck's Row in London, she is regarded as the first victim of Jack the Ripper.
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On This Day - 31st August