5th August

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2000 Alec Guinness dies Alec Guinness dies aged 86 at Midhurst, Sussex.
1983 22 members of the IRA jailed A mass trial of twenty two IRA members results in them being jailed for a combined total of 4,000 years.
1966 Beatles release the album Revolver The Beatles release the album "Revolver".
1962 Nelson Mandela arrested South African Nelson Mandela is arrested for attempting to overthrow the South African government.
1962 Marilyn Monroe dies American actress Marilyn Monroe dies from a drug overdose in Los Angeles. She was aged 36.
1906 John Huston is born American film director John Huston is born in Nevada, Missouri.
1901 Empress Victoria dies Empress Victoria of Germany dies; Victoria was the mother of Wilhelm II and the eldest daughter of Queen Victoria
1858 Transatlantic telegraph opened The first transatlantic telegraph cable is officially opened by Queen Victoria sending a telegram to US President James Buchanan.
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On This Day - 5th August