19th October

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2005 Saddam Hussein goes on trial The trial of Saddam Hussein for crimes against humanity begins in Baghdad, Iraq.
2004 Care worker Margaret Hassan kidnapped Senior aid worker Margaret Hassan, who worked for Care International, is kidnapped on her way to work.
1994 Suicide bomber kills 21 and wounds 45 A suicide bomber in Tel Aviv kills 21 people and seriously injures 45 more.
1989 The Guildford Four are released The Guildford Four are freed after 14 years in jail for the IRA pub bombings that the Court of Appeal rules they did not commit.
1987 US Stock Market crashes The United States Stock Market crashes losing 508 points to end the day at 1,738.74, this was its worst day ever, even worse than the crash of 1929
1958 Mike Hawthorne wins Formula One Championship Mike Hawthorne becomes the first British Formula One racing champion.
1954 Comet inquiry blames metal fatigue The public inquiry into the crashes of two Comet air craft within months of each other hears that the most likely explanation is metal fatigue.
1859 Alfred Dreyfus is born Alfred Dreyfus, who becomes the center of the Drefus Affair, is born in Mulhouse, France.
1812 French army retreats from Moscow The French army, commanded by Napoleon Bonaparte begins a retreat from Moscow.
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On This Day - 19th October