25th October

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2000 Military plane crashes killing 83 A Russian military plane crashes into a mountain in Georgia killing all 83 on board.
1983 US troops invade Grenada American marines and rangers invade Grenada to protect American citizens on the island. The world's press and Democrat congressmen react negatively to the invasion.
1971 General Assembly admits China The United Nations General Assembly votes to expel Taiwan and admit China
1964 Zambia gains independence Zambia gains its independence from Britain.
1962 John Steinbeck wins Nobel prize Author John Steinbeck is awarded the Nobel Prize for literature
1918 Steamship sinks killing 400 The Canadian steamship Princess Sophia sinks off Alaska killing 400 people.
1881 Pablo Picasso is born Spanish artist Pablo Picasso is born
1854 Charge of the Light Brigade Lord James Cardigan leads the Charge of the Light Brigade, where during the Crimean War the cavalry charge at the Russian guns. 40% of the cavalry are taken casualy but the charge is seen as an heroic event.
1760 King George III becomes king King George III succeeds his late grandfather King George II.
1400 Geoffrey Chaucer dies English writer Geoffrey Chaucer dies in London
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On This Day - 25th October