20th November

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2003 Al-Qaeda bombs kill 32 in Istanbul bombs explode in Istanbul, Turkey, killing 32 people including two British diplomats.
1992 Fire at Windsor Castle Fire brakes out in a private chapel in Windsor Castle and developes into a fierce blaze, as 200 fire fighters attempt to bring it under control.
1990 Margaret Thatcher loses vote Margaret Thatcher fails to win outright victory in the battle for the Conservative Party leadership.
1986 Police renew Moors Murders searches Following information from Myra Hindley, Police have started new searches on Saddleworth Moor for the bodies of two more of the victims of Ian Brady and Myra Hindley.
1975 General Franco dies General Francisco Franco dies at the age of 82, he had ruled Spain for 39 years.
1947 Queen Elizabeth II marries Queen Elizabeth II, then Princess Elizabeth, marries Philip Mountbatten (Prince Philip) in Westminster Abbey in London.
1945 War Crimes trials begin The trial of twenty of Germany's Nazi leaders begin in Nuremberg.
1925 Robert Kennedy is born Robert Kennedy is born in Brookline, Massachusetts.
1889 Edwin Hubble is born Edwin Hubble, American mathematician and astronomer, is born in Marshfield, Montana.
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On This Day - 20th November