9th December

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2006 Hospital fire kills 45 A fire in a Moscow hospital for drug addicts kills 45 women.
1993 Hubble Telescope repaired in space NASA astronauts perform a series of spacewalks over an 11 day period to repair the problem mirror on the Hubble Telescope by adding the equivalent of a 'contact lens'. The mission was declared a complete success.
1992 US troops land in Somalia US troops land in Somalia; initially to secure the airport and port areas and subsequently to move out with UN troops to distribute relief aid and protect supplies from local warlords.
1992 Prince Charles and Princess Diana to seperate Prince Charles and Princess Diana announce that they will separate.
1990 Lech Walesa wins election Lech Walesa is elected president of Poland
1962 Tanganyika gains independence Tanganyika gains its independence from Britain. In 1964 Tanganyika merges with Zanzibar to become Tanzania.
1952 Fog finally clears Four days of fog in London, which brought the capital to standstill, finally clears.
1941 China declares war on Japan During World War 2, China declares war on Japan, Germany and Italy.
1912 Thomas P ONeill is born American politician Thomas P ONeill is born.
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On This Day - 9th December