9th March

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1995 The Troubles - Queen visits northern Ireland Queen Elizabeth II and Prince Philip pay a symbolic visit to Northern Ireland - their first since the IRA and Loyalist ceasefires came into the previous year.
1992 Menachem Begin dies Menachem Begin dies in Tel Aviv at the age of 78
1976 Cable Car disaster kills 42 A line supporting a cable car snaps killing 42 people, including children, in the Dolomite mountains in northern Italy.
1956 Archbishop Makarios deported The British authorities order the deportation of the Greek Cypriot leader, Archbishop Makarios, in the hope of restoring law and order to the island.
1955 James Dean stars in East of Eden James Dean stars in the movie East of Eden, for which he is nominated for an academy award.
1934 Yuri Gagarin born Yuri Gagarin, the first man in space, is born
1916 Mexican guerrillas attack Columbus, New Mexico Several hundred Mexican guerrillas led by Francisco "Pancho" Villa cross from Mexico into the United States and attack Coumbus, New Mexico, setting fire to the center of the town.
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On This Day - 9th March