6th May

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2001 Pope John Paul II visits a mosque During a visit to Syria, Pope John Paul II becomes the first pope to visit a mosque.
1994 Channel Tunnel inaugurated Queen Elizabeth II and President Francois Mitterrand formally inaugurate the Channel Tunnel
1976 Earthquake hits Italy An earthquake measuring 6.5 on the Richter scale hits the town of Maiano in the Italian Alps trapping many under collapsed buildings and killing 60.
1954 Tony Blair is born Tony Blair is born.
1954 Four minute mile Roger Bannister becomes the first person to run a mile in less that four minutes (3 minutes 59.4 seconds) during a track meeting at Oxford.
1937 Hindenburg fire kills 36 The German hydrogen filled airship Hindenburg burns and crashes in New Jersey killing 36 of the 97 people on board.
1915 Orson Welles is born Film actor, director, producer Orson Welles is born.
1910 King Edward VII dies King Edward VII dies.
1856 Sigmund Freud is born Sigmund Freud is born in Freiberg, Czech Republic
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On This Day - 6th May